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Restaurant Hood Cleaning

kitchen exhaust fansIf you are a contractor that does restaurant hood cleaning, (sometimes referred to as kitchen exhaust hood cleaning), or just pressure washing commercially, you have come to the right place.  Here at Hood Cleaning Helper, my goal is to equip other professionals with the right tools to help them achieve success.  We make a living in an industry that looks upon us as the bottom of the barrel and I plan on changing that, one contractor at a time.

Hood cleaning prices are all over the board across the country and this isn’t good for the customers we serve, nor our company’s long term success.  While bidding on contracts, a restaurant owner may have one price as low as $70 then another in the thousands.  How can two different companies be so far from each other on price when they are suppose to be doing the same scope of work?  The truth is, it usually comes down to what is actually being cleaned.  Company A may only clean the hood and Company B is cleaning the entire kitchen exhaust system from hood to fan.

Over the years of restaurant hood cleaning, I have seen very good work and I have seen work that made me embarrassed to call myself a hood cleaner.  Sometimes bad hood cleanings happen because the contractor wasn’t properly trained or didn’t have the proper tools to clean the kitchen exhaust system from top to bottom to bare metal as suggested by the NFPA #96.  Sometimes, they are just lazy.  I can’t help with the former, but I intend to help those of you who are looking for help because you want to do the job correctly.

I plan on passing down the years of personal experience, learned knowledge, specialty tools, business forms and many other things that will build up this industry and help those of you who are in the restaurant hood cleaning business to stay.

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